Monday, August 9, 2010


Vitalism is the idea that there is a part of life that is not explainable by biology or physics or chemistry. That there is a force of life that sets the living apart, a spark or breath that can't be quantified or qualified by the scientific process. It has been called a soul, an energy, qi, or prana in different cultures and traditions.

In the first chapters of Genesis, it is said that God created mankind out of the dirt, then breathed life into him. What was once inanimate clay became living with the breath of God. Dr. Frankenstein was searching for that something when he created his monster. In the book, he found it through electricity, lightening, where he got the spark that re-animated dead tissue.

We understand quite a bit about ourselves through anatomy and physiology. We are further informed through the equations of chemistry, and even the beauty of mathematics and the intricacy of physics. Vitalism doesn't seek to supplant that knowledge, but rather enhance and inform it. It seeks to look at ourselves with a different lens - which in turn changes not WHAT is seen, but HOW we see it.

This blog will aim that lens at today's headlines - it will point primarily towards health issues, but may touch on other subjects as they arise. I look forward to sharing the journey and hopefully some good conversation with all of you that choose to read this!